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Denise "Scarlett" Rizvi

Scarlett began her holistic health career as a Doctor of Naturopathy in 1996. After working with clients on their physical conditions, she recognized the value of a more holistic approach to achieve sustainable health and healing for the mind and body.

Scarlett helps adults and young people struggling with stress, anxiety and feelings of overwhelm in their everyday lives. Through Emotional Freedom Technique, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness Meditation and Life Coaching, she helps her clients to break down the core of the struggle, connect with the solution and provide a simple step by step map to follow. Scarlett supports and guides her clients in cultivating self -realization, self -reliance and the tools to live life successfully and skillfully.  This results in a feeling of well-being, peace and clarity.

She earned her degree in Naturopathy from the Clayton College of Natural Health and is board certified with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She completed a two year intensive program with Alberto Villoldo, PhD. & The Four Winds Society’s Healing The Light Body™ in Inca Shamanic Energy Healing. She is certified through Vianna  Stibal’s Natures Path in Theta™ Core Belief healing, DNA 1 & 2. Scarlett also uses dance and movement in her healing and transformational work with clients.

Contact Information:  
Phone: (908) 858-3377
Email: denise@deniserizvi.com 

Website: deniserizvi.com